Step 1: Pick any organization of your choice. You can select any corporation, go

Step 1:
Pick any organization of your choice. You can select any corporation, governmental or non-governmental organization, charity, foundation, educational institution, etc. In short: any organization of your choice.
At the top of your essay, clearly write the name of your selected organization, its website URL, and write a short paragraph in which you explain why you selected it.
Step 2:
Suppose that you are applying for a position in your selected organization’s marketing department. During your interview process, your recruiter says:
“We are all busy with short term marketing priorities in our department. We would need you to help us develop a longer term strategic plan. Could you please write an essay in which you explain how you would develop a Strategic Marketing Plan, if you were hired? Please include some specific examples but, most importantly, show that you know how to create a Strategic Marketing Plan. In other words, show that you master the framework / concepts / methods
that are used in Strategic Marketing Planning. You DO NOT need to write the actual strategic plan: you need to explain the method you would follow to develop such a plan. What matters is that you explain the process that you would follow to complete your work.”

Arial 11, single spaced.
Citations are allowed and can follow any standard you wish, as long as they are clearly typed between quotation marks, represent less than 20% of your Essay’s word count, and are clearly referenced.
Do not include diagrams or illustrations. Only include text.
Include meaningful titles and sub-titles, to enable the reader to clearly identify your sections and sub-sections.