Did uniquely human change your perspective on autism at all?

1. Comparing the Essential Characteristics of Effective Teachers in Inclusive Programs and the “It” factor described by Dr. Prizant. Do you think you have the “it” factor?
2. Prizant challenges the reader to reframe Echolalia and Stimming Behaviors. Explain how. Do you agree with him? Do you disagree? Do you think that we still need to remove ALL behaviors?
3. Prizant recognizes that fostering social communication is fundamental for children to be successful, explain why, what does it take to get there?
4. Describe any new insight you obtained after reading this book. Did Uniquely Human change your perspective on Autism at all? Explain how?

Business and Management

Discuss what you learned about the practice of management from the article by james moore.

Prior to completing this journal reflection, read Diversity in Leadership: Veronika Scott: Innovating a Source of Empowerment by James Moore. (page 17 of 32 of attachment below)
In two to three paragraphs,
Discuss what you learned about the practice of management from the article by James Moore.
Evaluate how the article about the actions of Veronika Scott can impact diversity in the practice of management.
Reflect on how you could use the lessons from Scott to impact your career.
Evaluate the use of diversity, equity, or inclusion in the article by the organization.


Answer the questions in the tab labeled financial statement analysis

1. Record the transactions in the general journal
2. Create a general ledger and post the transactions to the general ledger
3. Create a trial balance as of 1/31
4. Record the necessary adjusting journal entries at 1/31
5. Post the adjusting journal entries to the general ledger
6. Create an adjusted trial balance as of 1/31
7. Prepare the income statement, retained earnings statement and balance sheet at and for the month of January
8. Answer the questions in the tab labeled financial statement analysis
there is a specific document i need it completed in, i will send it over.


Answer –> write what it takes to have a solid and thoughtful answer .

1. Is the Bill of Rights relevant to you and why?
2. If you were the President of the USA, who would you nominate for the Supreme Court and why?
3. When did the slave trade end and when did slavery end? Include the key dates and events that lead to the endings and describe the differences between these two historical issues. Make sure to site all pertinent parts of the USA Constitution?
4. Is affirmative action constitutional?
5. What is gerrymandering and what is redistricting, when do they happen and how do they interrelate?
6. What does the USA Constitution say about parties?
7. Are you a Federalist or an Anti-Federalist and why ?
– – –
Regardless of the how a question is asked, you MUST ALWAYS use 3rd Person Active Voice and NEVER use 1st person (eg do not use “I” or “ME”).
You must UNDERLINE your Thesis Statement for each question (one and only one underlined sentence per numbered question). You should have seven thesis statements matching the seven questions. You are to answer all the questions using standard MLA/APA college format (eg double spaced, 11-12 font, 1″ margins, citations, no contractions, etc.). Your thesis must not be more than 3 lines of your paper.
How many pages should each question be ? Answer –> write what it takes to have a solid and thoughtful answer . . . including a very strong TS (using the 7-way-test).
Normally, students write 1-2 pages per question . . . sometimes a bit shorter.
The key is to answer the question.
In terms of how to submit, use the same procedures as mid-term. Think of it as a book (one doc called the final) with chapters (each question/answer) with only 7 underlined TSs (one per question).

Business and Management

How does the external environment impact google?

The formal assignment, using the information I have gathered and your own research answers the following questions.
How does Google implement the marketing concept?
How does the external environment impact Google?
How has Google impacted the digitalization of the economy? Does the introduction of the droid operating system change the nature of Google’s business?
What impact if any will Google have on the computer industry? The telecommunications industry?
3. Has Google decided to change its business model too quickly or too drastically?


How do you prepare to acquire the store?

You have been given the opportunity to take over the family business, an Ace Franchise Hardware store. The reason being, your father has become ill and cannot work the store any longer. Your father is 68 years old and has had the store for 38 years. Both of your parents depend on the income from the store for their financial well being and do not have the needed savings to completely retire. They have always had a very good income from the store but due to their medical expenses have not been able to put away the needed retirement savings. You have a brother who is a CPA and a sister who is a dentist, neither have any interest in the hardware store but totally support your taking the store for your future success and to help the parents. You have always liked the hardware stores and worked in it while attending college to get your business degree. You are the district manager for Global Paint and Adhesives, and know all the other retailers and contractors in the area. It would be very easy for you to give up your job and take over the hardware store. Your spouse is totally supportive of you going into your own business.
The town where you live is growing very fast and more businesses are coming into the area and employment is increasing which also increases construction and home building. The growth potential looks very good for the next 20 years and all economic signs are favorable. The store has always done well, even during times of recession. You grew up in the area and know many of the people in the community due to your civic involvement. You know this is a tremendous opportunity and your chance for the kind of success in life you have always wanted.
How do you make the decision to proceed with this opportunity?
Home Depot is already in the area. Lowes is coming to the area also – Competition
Your father owns the building free and clear
How do you prepare to acquire the store? Risk analysis
What is your strategy for success?
Who could you partner with in this endeavor?
What are your resources? – SWOT
Show your business plan – Written example
What type of business ownership will you form?
Who would you choose as advisors and consultants?
What is your basic marketing strategy?
What are your social and ethical responsibilities?
What are your long term plans for your business success?


Why or why not?

View the National Film Board documentary (2013) which focuses on the case of Sean Clifton who, while suffering from psychosis, stabbed and se-verely wounded a stranger. Assume you are a member of the Criminal Review Board responsible for deciding Clifton’s case. Would you release him back into society? Why or why not? What, if any, conditions would you attach to Clifton’s release?
Please watch this video
and edit the paper
You can also use outside sources
Cite all of the sources in APA 7th ed.
Minimum pages 2-3

Creative Writing

This assignment is designated for inclusion in the student’s portfolio.

Students will select a research topic of interest to them preferably one that relates to their major. The instructor will guide your selection; however, you may want to consult with faculty in your major for specific technicalities. This assignment is designated for inclusion in the student’s portfolio. This is part of the requirement to satisfy HUSC 4202 Senior Seminar and graduation. Please save your graded work. ( INSTRUCTIONS How did Covid 19 affect seniors academic before school and after Pine Bluff Arkansas case study


Provide thoughtful evaluation and analysis of how specific social justice issues effect different groups of people

You are angry, fed-up, and tired of the injustices you see all around you. You have decided to something about it — you’re going to start your own social justice movement!
In this assignment, you will produce a report that answers the following questions:
This report will consist of a written paper (2-3 pages) and must answer all of the above questions. You also can — optionally — include images, graphs, blog entries, tweets or other social media notices made as though they were part of your imaginary social jsutice movement; I encourage you to be creative!
There are no requirements for assignment formatting – any font, size, and citation style is acceptible as long as all necessary information is provided and the essay fully answers the questions posed.
A top-mark report will:
Reference the ideas and readings presented throughout class
Offer specific examples (using both anecdotal and empirical arguments) to support arguments
Provide thoughtful evaluation and analysis of how specific social justice issues effect different groups of people
Compare how different social justice issues interact and intersect with each other
Good Luck!
Please carefully read the following information and instructions:
— Each student must submit their own assignment; you will be graded individually
— If consulting sources on the internet, be sure to note any ideas not your own and AVOID PLAGIARISM. The following presents useful guidelines and tips on how to avoid plagiarism:
— Essay may be typed directly into Blackboard, or uploaded as a .docx, .pdf. or .pages file. It is your responsibility to ensure that I receive your test by the deadline—any ‘technical issues’ opening up a document emailed to me will result in a late penalty (10% per day)
Student Code of Conduct Expressly prohibits academic dishonesty resulting from:
Using materials or aids that have not been approved by the instructor
Accessing course content from any unauthorized source
Copying another person’s answer(s) or allowing your answer(s) to be copied
Sharing answers or consulting with another person through any means
Submitting an answer to a test/exam question that was completed, in whole or in part, outside of the exam room (unless permitted by the exam format)
Having someone take a test for you or taking a test for someone else


Isbn 9780135180037

Please reference the text book Drugs, Society, Criminal Justice 5th Edition by Charles F Levinthal and Lori Brusman Lovins
ISBN 9780135180037
Examine the research and legislation on medical marijuana. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana as a therapeutic drug.