Hi i need a college essay about art and buisnnes written those with admissions experiance/art history/ buisness writing personal statements perfered

Hi I need a college essay about art and buisnnes written those with admissions experiance/art history/ buisness writing personal statements perfered


The school anna attends has high academic standards and intense pressures for achievement.

The student will complete a formal case conceptualization on an assigned client Anna. The purpose of this case conceptualization is to demonstrate the utilization, application, and knowledge of theories related to human growth and development and development across the lifespan.
The titles on the template provided should serve as the student’s APA headings as the student’s level headings 2. The “body” of the paper (excluding title, abstract, and reference pages) should be approximately 5 – 7 pages in length (students are to not go over the maximum number of pages). APA style must be used.
For this assignment, students will need to address the following thoroughly in the student’s paper:
Consider Anna’s development with the following issues: What are the contributions of nature, contributions of nurture, interactions between the two?
Identify the event/crisis/trauma and onset of the event
What outcomes could be predicted for this client? (Consider continuity and change)
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each family member?
What environmental modifications would be helpful to promote healthy developmental outcomes for each family member, be specific?
Identify the individuals, interactions, and influences on this client using Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model of development
Identify the client’s psychosocial stage/crisis based on Erickson’s Model of Development.
Identify 3-5 goals for working with this client.
As a reminder, the students do not want the paper to have numbers or bullets. Each of these subsections should be in APA paragraph format.
Case Study
Anna is a 9-year-old third-grade student in a public school on the outskirts of a large industrial city. She is the oldest of three children who live in an apartment with their mother, a 29-year-old White woman recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Despite her young age, Anna’s history is complicated. Anna’s biological father, Walter, is a 37-year-old man who emigrated from Eastern Europe in his early 20s. He married Anna’s mother, Karen, when she was 19 years old. The couple married hastily and had a child, Anna, but Walter abandoned the family shortly after Anna’s birth. Walter and Karen had fought constantly about his problems with alcohol. Karen was particularly upset about Walter’s behavior because her father, now deceased, had suffered from alcoholism and left her mother without sufficient resources to care for herself.
Alone with a child to support and only a high school degree, Karen went to work in the office of a small family-owned business. She met Frank, one of the drivers who worked sporadically for the company. They married within a few months of meeting and, within another year, had a son named John. With Frank’s grudging consent, Karen decided not to tell Anna about her biological father. She reasoned that Anna deserved to believe that Frank, who filled the father’s role to both children, was her parent. Anna was developing typically and seemed to be attached to Frank. However, unknown to Karen, Frank had some problems of his own. As a young man, he had been incarcerated for theft and had an inconsistent employment history. The family struggled to stay together through many ups and downs. When Anna was 6, Karen became pregnant again. Frank wanted Karen to have an abortion because he did not think the family’s finances could support another child. Karen refused, saying that she would take on another job once the new baby was born. Ultimately, the marriage did not survive the couple’s many stresses, and Karen and Frank were divorced when Anna was 7.
Karen’s situation at work is tenuous because of her medical condition. Her employer balks at making accommodations for her, and she fears she might be let go. After the divorce, Karen filed for child support, and Frank was directed to pay a certain amount each month for the three children, but Frank was outraged that he should pay for Anna’s care because she was not his biological child. Frank told Anna the “truth” that he was not her biological father during a challenging conversation. Karen, still unable to deal with this issue, insisted to Anna that Frank was her biological parent. Karen could not bring herself to mention Walter, whose existence had never been mentioned to the children before. Karen desperately needed the money for Anna’s support, especially because she had amassed substantial credit card debt. She felt her only pleasure was watching shopping shows on TV and ordering items for her children.
In school, Anna is struggling to keep up with her peers. Her academic performance is a whole grade level behind, and her teachers are concerned. The school Anna attends has high academic standards and intense pressures for achievement. Anna behaves immaturely with peers and adults, alternating between excessive shyness and overly affectionate behavior. She does not appear to have any friendships within the class.


My letter is to a male who does not have an opinion on reproductive justice because it does not directly affect him please provide 2 reasons convincing him why he should care and how the topic still affects him too,

the assignment is to pick someone who may deny or not know something about an issue of social justice, and write a letter to convince them why they should care about the subject
my letter is to a male who does not have an opinion on reproductive justice because it does not directly affect him
please provide 2 reasons convincing him why he should care and how the topic still affects him too,
please use at least 1 scholar journal and cite it according to APA


Explain the allegory of the cave using the 4 levels of cognitive activity.

1. Explain the Allegory of the Cave using the 4 levels of cognitive activity. This should be a detailed response. Include what the 4 levels are, when the prisoner is in each level, and what occurs. (at least 4 sentences)
2. Explain Plato’s notion of truth. In your response, include how the physical world leads us to truth. Then, explain where we can find truth. ( at least 4 sentences)
3. To what extent, if any, do you agree with Plato’s notion of truth? Explain your reasoning. (10 sentence minimum)


Give a brief overview of the different types of pain.

Reflection is due by Sunday at 11:59pm. Reflection is short answer and should be no more than one to two pages in length and must include appropriate referencing of sources used. Restate the question and provide rationale for your answers. APA format is required.
Mr. Aldredge, a 46-year-old building contractor, entered the hospital’s walk-in clinic with arm pain. He told the nurse on duty that lifting had always been part of his line of work. Although he was a supervisor in his job, he often helped with lifting heavy objects and would sometimes work alongside his crew to help meet a project deadline. For the last day on the job his left arm hurt intensely, and that is why he decided to come to the clinic to “set it right.”
The nurse noticed Mr. Aldredge was substantially overweight and would sometimes pause for breath while describing his problem. The pain radiated all the way from his wrist up to his chest. Mr. Aldredge said he had never felt anything like it before. He said he had never had any heart problems—felt so healthy, in fact, that he hadn’t been to a doctor in years. He had even recently quit smoking.
The nurse cut Mr. Aldredge’s examination short to have him transported to the emergency room for prompt evaluation and treatment of a probable myocardial infarction.
1. Give a brief overview of the different types of pain.
2. What type of pain did Mr. Aldredge have?
3. Give a possible explanation of why the body might misinterpret visceral impulses as somatic impulses.


I am only showing that i received 5 credit hours out of the total 8 credit hours possible.

First of all, I took 8 credit hours this quarter (5 classes) and should have received 7 credit hours out of the 8. I am only showing that I received 5 credit hours out of the total 8 credit hours possible. I was successful at finally passing anatomy.
My Funeral Service Law class is not showing my grade under semester reports or graduation requirements in SIS.
I did not pass Chemistry but It was only 1 credit hour so I should still have had 7 out of 8 credit hours complete this semester.
I also passed History 105 with a 98 in the Spring of 2021, and this is also not showing up in graduation requirements as complete.
I have taken Anatomy twice, and it has felt so good to be able to pass it this time. I have felt like I have jumped a hurdle to be able to pass it.
I understand that not passing Chemistry was my fault and on me, but I am prepared to take that again and be successful at passing this next time.
My mom got very sick with covid, lost her job, and I had to pay all my bills plus hers. She also had ankle surgery right before she got sick
With covid and was out of work for several weeks. I ended up working my job at the funeral home and had to get a second job as well. I have a elderly grandmother who is very sick who
Had to move in with me to be taken care of. I have tried to stay on top Of my studies and do well but life has been really hard the last few months.


Please answer all 3 questions in an essay format.

Please answer all 3 questions in an essay format. Must be APA 7 with two recent references with one being the DSM-5


Pl read the scenario carefully

PL read the Scenario carefully
PL Follow Marking guide and Description
Pl write assessment on attached Template


After reading edwidge danticat’s “night women,” discuss character, setting, conflict, and theme.

After reading Edwidge Danticat’s “Night Women,” discuss character, setting, conflict, and theme.
Please use examples from the text to support your ideas. I am looking for 3-4 paragraphs.
(no specific word count)



Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 9 of the course textbook, and review sections 2.5, 3.1, and 3.2 from previous chapters Lecci, L. B. (2015). Personality. Bridgepoint Education. Also, read the assigned articles Children’s Sense of Self: Learning and Meaning in the Digital Age and Personal Self-Concept and Satisfaction With Life in Adolescence, Youth, and Adulthood (Dodge et al., 2008; Palacios et al., 2015).
The concept of self is a core concept for the study of personality, and most of the theories we have studied in this course postulate some idea about what constitutes the self. This week’s materials examine the self-psychology model, which presents several theories regarding how we perceive ourselves and how that perception is expressed in personalities.
In your initial post:
Identify two theories of self from those discussed in Chapter 9 that resonate the most with you.
Provide a brief overview of each theory, being sure to identify the principal theorists associated with each of your two chosen theories.
Explain why you relate to these theories.
Describe the impact of the current digital age on the concept of self, including the impact of social media on the way we perceive ourselves.
Explain whether or not our perceptions of self are evolving because of social media, including the idea of a digital self, and provide examples of how this might be happening or provide a rationale as to why you believe it is not happening.
Your initial post should be a minimum of 350 words and should include references to both of the assigned articles.