The articles, lecture and textbook for Unit 1 all contain variations of the defi

The articles, lecture and textbook for Unit 1 all contain variations of the definition of forensic accounting. What was your understanding of what forensic accounting was before you read the material in Unit 1? If you had to explain what forensic accounting was to someone with no understanding of it, what would you say? The study of forensic accounting uses three different approaches. One approach uses audit as a foundation with emphasis on internal control and understanding how systems work. A second approach uses fraud investigation as the basis. The third approach is eclectic in nature and covers the many areas under the forensic accounting umbrella to include tax and other fraud, money laundering, dispute resolution, litigation support, computing economic damages, bankruptcy, divorce, identity theft, organized crime, terrorism investigations, cybercrime and business valuations. Which approach would you support and why? If your CPA firm was offering services in forensic accounting would you specialize or be general in nature? If you specialized, what area would you want to specialize in? Explain.

Homeland security

This assignment consists of a research analysis paper with a minimum six full pa

This assignment consists of a research analysis paper with a minimum six full pages of content, double-spaced. This page count does not include a title page, graphics, or the references/bibliography page(s), which are also required in accordance with Chicago. The source material should result primarily from self-led external research of scholarly articles. In addition, you may use the course-required reading materials. It is a requirement that you use at least 6 scholarly sources in researching and writing this assignment. Topic: Espionage exists in many forms. Compare and contrast human intelligence espionage versus technical espionage (imagery, communications, electronics, cybercollection, etc.). Here are are a few questions to prompt your thinking. But you should develop your own measures and present them in your paper. What are the strengths and limitations of each, what types of information can only be collected by human espionage versus technical espionage, what are the organizational differences in how we conduct human versus technical espionage, what are the costs invested in human versus technical espionage, what are the problems in managing the information we collect by human espionage versus technical espionage, etc. You must use facts and examples to bear out your evaluation. Include real-life cases (with specific dates, places, names, outcomes, effects, etc.). You must conduct research beyond what is in the readings in the class. You are expected to have at least 6 outside reliable sources (journals, government reports and studies, verified public information, etc.).


The week 2 assignment is based on your chapter readings (ch.2) relative to crime

The week 2 assignment is based on your chapter readings (ch.2) relative to crime reporting. Complete a short essay of 500 words properly structured and cited in APA and upload to Canvass by the due date. Although we are using APA, no cover page is needed, simply put your name at the top and type your paper. Discuss all the items listed below. It is acceptable to exceed the word count if needed.
1. In your chapter readings, you have read about crime reporting and crime statistics. Briefly describe your understanding of crime reporting and methods used to determine the crime rate in our country. Demonstrate your understanding of the different methods of crime reporting in our country.
2. What are the potential sources of error in the nation’s major crime reports, What are some of the problems relative to how we compile the crime statistics, reporting, and ultimately getting a clear picture of crime? Can you think of some popular use of crime statistics today that might be especially misleading? Sources of error are found in your textbook.
3. Discuss your views on misconceptions of the public about the crime rate as there is a heavy reliance on the news media for information about crime. For example, murder is the index offense least likely to occur, but it is the crime most likely to be presented in the news. What impact does “over reporting” have on the public? Do you think the impact is significant to convince people (meaning the public not the offender) to change their daily behavior? Find an outside media source (article) and integrate that information into your paper to support your position and cite it.
Be sure to in-text cite your paper.
Separate the three questions in your paper, or break/space between them.


Please answer each questions separately thank you. 1 .Networking Activity This i

Please answer each questions separately thank you. 1 .Networking Activity This interactive activity will provide insight to SMART goals, identifying work values, and creating a career vision statement. It is helpful to review these exercises before completing the unit discussion and assignments. 2. Career Development Career development is a lifelong process in which we become aware of, interested in, knowledgeable about, and skilled in a career. In this Discussion Board, you are asked to share information about your current work life and what your career goal is upon earning your degree. After reviewing the Career Development Stages Table Career Development Stages Table – Alternative Formats , which stage of career development do you feel you are in currently? Provide the two descriptions you most identify with from your career development stage. What challenges are you facing now in your career development? Where are you headed next in your career development



THIS ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE MASTER LEVEL QUALITY OF WORK!!!!! BUSN625 Week 5 Assignment (name assignment as shown on left) DUE Thursday Sept 1st at 12 pm/NOON EST. CANNOT BE LATE!!! APA with minimum 2 citation (USA scholarly and relevant resources only). READ ALL COURSE OBJECTIVES, SYLLABUS, INSTRUCTIONS, RUBRIC AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS MENTIONED IN ASSIGNMENT.

International Studies

For this final assignment, students will choose from a number of case studies up

For this final assignment, students will choose from a number of case studies uploaded into the Lesson for Week 7 and write a four to five page paper relevant to this case study. Options for case studies include: Lake Victoria Region, Liberia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Rwanda, Chiapas, and Gaza. In this paper, students will choose a human security problem from their selected case study and complete a mapping (in either outline or diagram form) of a human security problem, to include economic, political, environmental, and social factors at the individual, group, national, regional, international, and global levels (as outlined in the assignment sheet). This mapping can be made in diagram or outline form and should be no longer than 2 pages. I have uploaded two diagrams to this assignment sheet to assist you with this mapping. Please ensure your mapping identifies factors/conditions unique to each level of analysis (in other words, don’t simply repeat the same condition across several levels of analysis). The remaining 2-3 pages of your paper should include an introductory paragraph which briefly summarizes your case study, followed by an analysis relevant to the following questions: 1. How do economic, political, environmental, and social factors contribute to this human security problem? 2. How does this human security problem compound economic, political, environmental, and social issues? 3. What new human security issues have or are likely to result (if any)? 4. Why is it important to take a multi-faceted, multi-level approach to addressing human security problems? Students are expected to conduct some research in support of their analysis. Don’t forget to wrap up your conclusions in a closing paragraph. Papers should be formatted pursuant to Chicago Style. Please include section headings so you and I can both easily see where you answered each question posed by the assignment. Students should include in-text citations and a list of sources.


OVERVIEW There appears to be no shortage of new laws or changes to current law w

OVERVIEW There appears to be no shortage of new laws or changes to current law which could be made. Most of these proposals will benefit the public. On the other hand, many proposals are designed specifically to help certain special interest groups. INSTRUCTIONS You will submit a 3–5-page paper that critically discusses a contemporary educational policy issue in which the case for or against the policy is, or potentially could be, in conflict with biblical principles. You must also provide a personal response to the issue and a discussion of the implications for K–12 educators and students. Consider the conditions and problems that led up to this policy and how the political culture influenced its development. Consider the role media might have been as an influence, the stage of implementation for this policy, and how it may agree or disagree with a biblical worldview. Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Use current APA format when writing your paper. Cite at least 3 scholarly sources that are no more than 5 years old. Submit your paper as a Word document.


To better the impact of culture in professional relationships and environments,

To better the impact of culture in professional relationships and environments, students will create a poster using items to represent important aspects of their own culture and/or family background, and explain the selected items in a short paper. There are a few options for completion of this assignment: 1) You may create a computer-generated poster presentation with clip art, graphics, poetry, etc. You could use PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or even use a website like to create a digital representation your cultural identity. 2) You may also take a different approach and collect some real items and submit one very clear picture of these items arranged all together to represent your culture and background. An excellent poster will include a minimum of 10 items, either real or computer-generated. A separate word document should also be included with a series of paragraphs which briefly describe each of the items added to the poster, along with their significance to your cultural identity. In addition to submitting your assignment here for assessment, attach your poster to a thread in this week’s discussion board forum so your professor and classmates can get to know you better. APA requirements for the paper portion of this assignment are as follows: Title page (no headings need to be included); pages numbered; overall APA formatting with one inch margins, double spacing, and recommended font. No reference page is required unless you use something other than your course text.

Teacher's Career

Task – Writing an opening statement Using no more than one page of A4, note: Wha

Task – Writing an opening statement Using no more than one page of A4, note: What you are excited about This is the question i need to answer. It needs to be one a4 page long with 4 bibliographic references. (I have attached ,reasons why I want to be a primary school teacher to give a idea of the general charichter of writhing peice. below to give some ideas/inspiration.) I have attached some academic resources, but i their may be more apppropriate quotes to use. The language should be english not american english. What you feel are your strengths What you think you need to learn more about What kind of primary teacher you would like to be. You’ll be able to keep this statement, and include it in a professional portfolio which we’ll introduce during induction. (personal notes….. Being a primary school teacher encompasses a duty to bettering childrens lives and foundations for their future. A responsibility I can deliver within the strong curriculum framework, nurturing childrens growth with patience, creativity and detail orientated assessment which has supported my own journey through education and the workplace. My current position as project manager in the construction industry, calls upon a multi-faceted skill base, leading teams of industry professionals, tradespeople and liasing with clients has allowed me to possess exceptional communication and time management skills. Throughout this role I have endeavoured to further my skill set and knowledge base. Inevitably each week learning something new and resolving unforeseen problems which arise on site. The building sector, a complete polarity to the education system, yet this role has helped me to continue learning, growing a vast set of transferable skills making me a accountable, professional team leader. Throughout life you continue to learn and grow as a human being, I believe primary school is a key point of change in a childs life experiencing the first opportunity to socialise away from the family home. These are crucial years for children yielding the fundamental building blocks to progress life, creating memories which can last forevor. I would love the opportunity to equip young children with the confidence they can gain through learning. Creating happy memories to last a life time. As a small child i was particularly shy lacking confidence, through extra curricular activities, drama lessons, I gained LAMDA qualifications. This enabled me to develop confidence, enhancing my spoken english, improving not only pronunciation but developed my comprehension skills as I read many poems and prose developing my literacy in a fun way. From a early age I gained consistent high marks in language and literacy from GCSE to my post graduate degree in International relations and global communications. Being well traveled and experiencing different cultures has been enlightening allowing me to gain basic Greek language which I continue to learn in my free time, constantly striving to achieve . I find enjoyment in many pursuits I have a NVQ in master baking , enjoy exercising and maintaining my fitness. Participating in fun runs and 10k events, exercising throughout lockdown I taught myself the art of yoga nurturing my skills of patience and strength in mindfulness. My young neigbour (7 years) loves to join me in yoga practises designed for children. Time spent with younger children embracing their energy and enthusiasm to learn whilst enjoying activity ushered in the curiosity, as to why I am not a teacher ? As I hypothesised on my new career path I realised teaching could bring me a new role I am well suited to and a new sense of fulfilment through positively influencing children, offering a supportive way to help pupils learn and excel.)

Public Administration

All written assignments should be: • In American Psychological Association (APA)

All written assignments should be: • In American Psychological Association (APA) style (see ) • Single spaced within paragraphs and double spaced between paragraphs • Times New Roman 12-point font, with standard one-inch margins • Prepared in a Word document, • Memo salutation: Date, To, From, Re (subject) • The first paragraph should include the purpose of the memo • With the student’s name in the memo’s file name (e.g., jeanne col_assignment one) Submit your paper for assignment one to this link. Address the following topic; What do you know or have you experienced about contracting out? Are you a contractor or are you a contact oversight manager? what is your perspective on contracting out? ( 300 words or more)- include your specialization(MY SPECIALIZATION IS MANAGEMENT & OPERATION), and your choice for a sector focus ( health care, education,foster care, the elderly, prison re-entry, or drug abuse treatment) Follow APA guidelines.